1. Mertigda's Avatar
    Anybody know of a way that people could contact 911 using just a tablet? I work for a dispatch Auto parts company and send drivers out all the time with the tablets and sometimes they have phones and sometimes they don't, but it just happened that one of the drivers didn't bring his and the tablet and witnessed a crime but was unable to connect with 911. Any ideas how to do this? The tablets are using ATT data network.
    04-16-2014 11:03 AM
  2. rwinvt's Avatar
    The best way might be for the company to outfit its trucks with any old cell phones you can find. Verify this, and in particular what year this went into effect, but as far as I know, any working cell phone manufactured after that can call 911- without regard to any existing contract or plan.

    Next possibility adds a little time- not good for an emergency, but still better than no contact possible.

    I have a Skype number for my main phone at home, and also installed on my TAB 3 7.0 Sprint. I can't call 911, but I can call a police station, or in my case, the State Police. This would also work with any other phone app for your Tab. If your business has a reasonable range of towns that your drivers travel through, you could prepare a list of local police station numbers and/or add it to the phones memory. As long as your drivers know the town they're in, and the lists/phones are set up, at the time of need this should work quite well.
    04-20-2014 08:10 PM

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