1. tpmoney's Avatar
    I have installed a 32 GB SD card, although the device see the card but not using it when it ran out off internal memory. I was under the impression it would detect and use it automatically. Is there something I can do to make it record stuff on it? Good advice appreciated and welcome..
    04-24-2014 11:35 AM
  2. vpblaze's Avatar
    In the camera settings there is the option on where to store pictures and such. Make sure to have memory card selected.

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    04-24-2014 10:31 PM
  3. tpmoney's Avatar
    04-25-2014 10:34 AM
  4. orion430's Avatar
    Also a lot of the items you have stored in internal memory can be transferred to the sd card, well you can on my tab 3.8.1.

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    04-27-2014 01:54 AM

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