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    So I have an 7.0 LTE and I just replaced my Echo with a G Flex. I have a nice plain bluetooth earpiece that fluently links with both of them and nags when I leave one behind.

    Current thoughts are leaning toward a Samsung mirrorless wifi-link compact (handheld) camera, a bluetooth keyboard, and perhaps a doofy gimmick like the Pebble. A big investment but hey if everything holds up for a couple years....this is no longer the era of the Bell telephone.

    Sure my 7.0 does not do OTG but the Flex does, they both do Dropbox and the Flex has wifi file server. So I can copy files in both directions. 7.0 has Polaris Office and Flex has Polaris Viewer, which also meshes nicely.

    Anyone else have a recommended device or find a synergy with their phone?
    05-03-2014 02:04 PM

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