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    Searched the forums but couldn't find a post for this. If there is one please point me to it.

    Anyway, anyone know when the the Tab 3 series (specifically 8") version is supposed to get the Kit Kat update? I've only seen info about phones.


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    05-21-2014 08:06 AM
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    Apparently I'm blind. Haha found a post for the update!!


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    05-21-2014 08:07 AM
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    Apparently I'm blind. Haha found a post for the update!!


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    do you mind share your finding
    05-22-2014 07:00 PM
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    Yah dude where'd you see post? I have a TAB 3 WiFi only no carrier.. how do I get kit Kat on it?

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    05-29-2014 01:30 PM
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    There is no official KitKat update available for the Tab 3 devices. There's only a list from a February press release by Samsung which identifies which of their devices Samsung says will eventually get KitKat. That list includes Tab 3 devices.
    05-29-2014 09:15 PM
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    There are a number of "lists" showing that the Tab3 8" WILL get KitKat, but no firm dates, only "sometime soon in 2014" :-(

    Like everyone else on here, I await in eager anticipation, but no-one seems to have an answer (timescale) Pity :-(
    06-02-2014 04:27 AM
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    While here, perhaps I may ask an "off topic" question which one of you MAY know the answer to??

    I have a bunch of photos (1400!) in a folder on my pc (from a previous device) Folder name "Prev pics" (for example)

    I want to put those photos onto my Tab3 8" SD card, so they appear in in the Gallery of my Tab3.

    I drag/copy & paste that folder (Prev pics) onto the SD card.

    I look in the gallery. Can't see the folder (nor the photos :-(

    I search for the folder on my Tab3 (SD) card. Can't find it :-(

    Where on the SD card should I put the FOLDER? Within DCIM? Within Root folder?

    Can the Tab3 "SEE" an imported folder? or is the ONLY way to do this, by putting the photo FILES only into the Tab3 (SD)?

    Maybe the Tab3 is "blind" to any imported folders?

    Cheers guys, and apologies that this is a little off topic.
    06-02-2014 04:33 AM
  8. bluzman's Avatar
    Suggestion: create the empty folder "Prev pics" on your SD card while the card is mounted in Tab 3. Connect Tab 3 to your PC, select all the files on PC you want to move (CTRL-A) and copy/drag them into the empty folder. BTW, I assume the files are in a format that's recognized by Tab 3.
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    06-02-2014 12:11 PM
  9. kevinx's Avatar
    Dohhh...... Cheers Bluzman!

    (So easy when ya know how!) Done that. Worked a treat!. Thank you What an absolute fool!! (I am).

    I had attached (wirelessly) my Tab3 to my pc. DRAGGED the folder across to the Tab3. Open Tab3, and that folder was NOT in the Gallery
    I created a Folder on my Tab3 (within Gallery, Add Folder), but this was no good, as I didn't want the folder (and content) on the device, to save space. I was UNABLE to create a folder on my SD from The Gallery.
    I had called Samsung who, quite frankly, didn't have a clue, and said they'd get back to me (still waiting!).
    I THOUGHT it may be a case that the Tab3 protocols didn't allow externally created folders to be resident on the device, but WOULD allow the individual images to be put into a.n.other folder already on the device, but didn't really wish to do that, but it would have had to been my next step.
    Then.... Enter the notification of your mail/response/post.
    Did as you said (initially creating a folder in THE GALLERY - which will ONLY create a folder INTERNALLY. Don't want that.
    Ahhh. Went into My Files. Found the External SD card. Created Folder on SD card. Copied an image into the folder. Opened Gallery. There's the folder! :-), and upon opening, there's the image :-)).

    Now I just need to pop the images in there (1400 of 'em). Oh, and yes, they are all JPEG's/MPEGS so fully compatible.

    Thanks once again for your help.


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    06-02-2014 02:02 PM
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    06-03-2014 01:58 PM

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