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    Wi-Fi Galaxy tab 3 7.0"

    It started with my tab just shutting off whenever it reached 30% some months ago, but this didn't really concern me as I'd normally charge at around 40%. I didn't care too much, then last month it started cutting off at around 50-60% and then it just keep rising higher and higher until this Monday it cut off on me on 94%.

    It doesn't start back when it cuts off unless I plug in the charger.

    Now it cuts off anywhere above 60+. I've noticed the pattern if, I'm watching a movie or something, it'll cut off when I come out of it. Last night it cut off on me at around 66%. I plugged it in for 2 minutes and started a movie then I unplugged it. I let the movie play on and run down the battery to see how far it would go because I was doubting the accuracy of the battery indicator, because it has this tendency to linger at 100% for a while when I unplug the charger. It went down all the way to 28%, a warning popped up that my charge was below 30% and to close some apps to conserve battery life, but then an email came through and i came out of the movie to check it and as soon as i was out though it cut off and wouldn't restart unless I plugged it in.

    When I plugged it in, it said 6% charge (from 28% before cutting off to 6%), I pulled out the charger and it dropped to 5%, but the screen didn't dim or any of the automatic power save stuff. When I plugged the charger in again it was saying 9%. I left it charging and started an app I found on Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/d....batteryrepair to see if that would help.

    Anybody have similar problems like this? If I take off the back as I saw in another thread about the tab not charging, would that help in this situation? Is there anything I can do? It hasn't fallen or anything. It's about a year old.
    05-31-2014 08:02 AM
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    At 1 year old the battery should not be dying but that is what it sounds like. Contrary to popular belief, the batteries used today (lion, lipo, etc.) most certainly will develop a memory just as the ni-cad batteries were so famous for. However, this will *usually* happen only at the very end of the batteries' normal life span. Still, this pattern is the indicator that the battery is dying, no matter what it's age. If it is still under warranty it's time to send it in.

    Now, with all that said, it remains possible that it's an indication problem. I've no idea as to how they determine the percentage of battery time remaining but I'd guess it's some part of the motherboard and would be costly to repair, although that's just a pure guess on my part.

    Removing the back cover and disconnecting the power jack is also a possibility but I wouldn't put too much hope into it. If you have the mechanical ability to do the job, it's an inexpensive fix. However, with the symptoms you're reporting, it doesn't seem a likely fix for your problem. However, if you feel comfortable doing the job, give it a try and let us know if it works. I pomise you're not the only one who has experienced these exact same problems.
    c c
    07-06-2014 05:31 PM
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    1: Have tablet and the 2.1 amp charger with you.
    2: Do not connect the charger to the device or wall socket.
    3: Without charger, press and hold the power button for 60 seconds.
    4. Just in case, if device starts to turn on, release power button. It normally won't on this step.
    5. Then connect the charger to the tablet first and then into a working wall socket. No power-stripe, or extension cords. Wall Socket only.
    6: Don't press any buttons on the tablet. Within 60 seconds the battery indicator light should come on.
    7: If you see the battery charging indicator light, leave tablet connected for at least 3 minutes before trying to boot the tablet on.
    8: Now after 3 minutes of charging, press and hold the power button for 60 seconds or until device starts to boot on.
    9: Normally it takes about 15 seconds holding the power button but it could take up to 60 but not likely.
    10: As soon as the device starts turning on release the power button immediately. Device should boot into Android OS.
    11: If you notice that your Tablet is still not keeping a charge or starts turning itself off, a factory reset should been done.
    12: Remember to make sure you sync your accounts and backup data if you choose too.
    13: Then Go to settings and backup and reset and Make Sure you uncheck the Automatic Restore Box.
    14: If the issue that is causing the power issues is within an app then you will just restore that issue back on to your device.
    15: Then tap factory reset, reset device and ok to delete all data.

    This should help you out tremendously.
    07-26-2014 01:26 AM

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