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    Despite this model being a "budget minded" tablet, I've found so many wonderful uses for it that I couldn't possibly list them all. It's a rather feature packed and expandable device that not only serves well as a browsing tablet and PIM device but this low end version also does alright on some games that surprised me. Especially being able to handle the 3 plus gigs of data for the HD details in The Bards Tale. Not quite as smooth as the iPad 2 and later models from Apple but when you consider the price difference between both devices, it holds it's own.

    Just don't expect stellar performance from far more demanding games with full 3D worlds or FPS titles. Shadowgun does run but much of the extra details are lost but this is a budget device. Anyone with a brain would have a second generation Nexus 7 or higher end tablet meant for gaming on Android or the Nvidia Shield.

    There has been one major drag about this tablet and even being a newer tablet, it still runs the same stock Jellybean release version of 4.1.2 while even the Galaxy Tab 2 is on 4.2.2 Jellybean. Not to mention a really neat feature removal of floating apps on the previous model which were very handy and easily moved around like any window on your average home computer.

    Still, like many others, we picked up the Tab 3 in various model revisions and feature changes from one model to the next. Some lacking an IR blaster and others using different GPU's and CPU's with carrier branded models which of course have mobile 4G along with WiFi.

    Those models have also been promised OS updates from Samsung but have been left hanging. As newer devices emerge and prices drop for more power, will you stick with Samsung and your Tab 3?

    It's getting close to the point where new models get announced and old models forgotten or given to family members or friends who are still hanging on to the original batch of Android based tablets.

    I for one love the audio abilities of the music player on my humble Tab 3 but looking at newer hardware, I want expandable memory and the IR blaster made for one cool remote. I just can't see spending a grand for a large capacity iPad again despite how long my 64GB iPad 2 has lasted me and still runs strong (plus despite it's age, it still will get iOS 8 from Apple for a tablet I bought over two years ago and shipped with iOS 3.1.2 on it)

    Now as I type this on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 that I had bought so many extras for is still stuck in the past and potential security holes will be exploited due to an outdated OS that Samsung had promised updates for long ago.

    Will we T210s owners ever see an update that doesn't need carrier approval to be pushed to this meager hardware? What do you guys think?

    I feel that Samsung should stand behind their own released hardware if they are trying to gain ground from the Apple faithful while Apple is still supporting hardware that is years old with new software and features. Samsung should pick up this practice as well for both non carrier badged hardware and carrier based phones and tablets.

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    06-08-2014 08:07 PM
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    It's really confusing, yeh. Even my 7.0 LTE is being used less for internet lately and more just GPS and reading, occasional video. This huge G Flex phone has been the only device leaving the house most days. Tho for some things like remote desktop and typing I still quite like my tablet.

    But why would Sammy leave so many stuck on 4.1.2
    06-13-2014 12:17 PM
  3. dyerpunk's Avatar
    I really think we will get KitKat. When? No clue. Almost all the phones that will get it have gotten it already, I feel like the high end tabs will be next, and then us. Hopefully soon, but I think it will be a couple more months. Also I think Samsung would have said we were not going to get the update when they released the list if that was the case. They wouldn't leave us hanging on for hope, they would crush it and make us want to buy a newer tab lol.

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    06-19-2014 01:16 AM
  4. brosko's Avatar
    By the time they get around to getting the update to the tab 3 thre will be another line of tabs released and the update will be forgotten about again. This is unfortunately how it is now with Samsung.
    06-19-2014 06:03 AM
  5. ungibbed's Avatar
    By the time they get around to getting the update to the tab 3 thre will be another line of tabs released and the update will be forgotten about again. This is unfortunately how it is now with Samsung.
    I almost feel the same as my neighbor who has the Tab 2 (which really got me into deciding this over a Nexus). His Tab 2 has JB 4.2.2 while my newer device shipped with an older release.

    I'm not too technically inclined to understand why other than a very different CPU and GPU that has never been used in any other Samsung device to my knowledge.

    That also doesn't mean other off brand tablets have used this hardware design but when shopping for a smaller tablet, I wanted a brand name I could trust. Which in that department, this model has been rock solid, just behind the curve as OS updates go...

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    07-05-2014 08:10 PM
  6. Relgoshan's Avatar
    SUPER CONFUSED. I don't even know when it happened but my 7.0 LTE is already on Kit Kat. Seems a bit smoother but Settings takes longer to launch. Keeping an eye on it, trying to decide if there is any reason to factory reset for any lingering lag or battery reasons.

    But I don't even know when it happened, I've just been using the LTE for ebooks and netflix recently.
    07-11-2014 12:46 PM
  7. jmagid51's Avatar
    Who is the carrier?

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    07-11-2014 03:24 PM
  8. Relgoshan's Avatar
    Who is the carrier?

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    Sprint of course. The tablet was 100% free at the time (no tax, activation or anything). I have a basic data plan, 2GB for $15/month, I use over a gig on it even now or else I'd have switched to the $5 'line active' placeholder. It's very very nice at this cost.
    07-11-2014 07:16 PM
  9. Simon Taylor 5's Avatar
    Pardon my novice questions, as these tablets are still relatively new to me, but I assume that jellybean 4.1.2 is the devices operating system? I assume this also controls the graphics?. If this is the case, it might explain why ive been having a few video playback issues on my tab 3, but these files play fine on my friends tab 2, as theyre on the newer 4.2.2
    07-31-2014 03:16 PM
  10. spiraltrance's Avatar
    Ungibbed, I don't know how you can say the performs fee is good on the the tab 3. I think it's awful. Regularly grind to a standstill just browsing and switching between apps.

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    08-05-2014 08:14 AM
  11. SEnrike's Avatar
    Hi, some folks have managed to port a ROM to our SGTab 3 7 inch, both Wi-Fi-Only and 3G/LTE capable. Although it's not an Official Release I've installed it and it runs perfectly for approximately six months. It has Multi-window and all of the other characteristics of KitKat, and its performance is awesome. You should try it untill we get our update, if we get it someday. It's also available for some other devices, as the Samsung Galaxy S2. You can google-it and find it in an easy way. Regards!
    08-21-2014 10:42 PM

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