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    I purchased a Galaxy Tab 3 for kids.

    I am getting movies and shows on the SD card for a long haul flight.

    I have ripped the movies from a dvd and then converted them to a compatible format for the tablet.

    My issue is with the naming of the files. My kids may get confused with a file name of G1-5444 rather than "Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom"!!

    I changed the names to what I wanted them to be, and then transferred the files to the card.

    When I look in the "Files" tab on the samsung, the file name is correct to what I want. When I then go to the video player which came with the tablet, it comes up with a file name similar to above. My assumption is the file name is what the dvd gave it when ripping onto my computer, however I had changed the file name prior to transferring.

    I seem to be unable to edit it within the video player, so the filename is incorrect within the video player, which is the way my kids will be accessing the videos.

    Sorry if this is a jamble.

    If someone has a suggestion, that would be great.

    Is there perhaps a different video player I should be downloading onto the tablet which will work better??


    I tried adding the files through android file transfer, and I also tried by mounting the SD card directly into my computer.
    06-09-2014 09:08 PM
  2. gerrytu's Avatar
    06-10-2014 05:32 AM

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