1. Lanid5's Avatar
    Hi, I am selling my Samsung Tab 3 to a friend and would normally do a complete wipe before handing it over but my friend would like to keep my progress on a couple of apps (games). Is there a way to delete all my personal information off the device while keeping the apps that she wanted? Thanks in advance for any help
    07-23-2014 08:20 PM
  2. zedorda's Avatar
    Deleting data under Android only removes the reference links to the data but does not actually make the data unrecoverable. Even a factory reset does not "wipe" data it just lets the space be written over allowing it to be recovered later. I have been able to recover shocking amounts of data from every used phone I have bought.

    I have and will never sell a phone I have used for personal data. I destroy them.
    07-23-2014 08:30 PM
  3. Lanid5's Avatar
    Thanks for replying zedora, you make a good point. I have only ever passed on my old phones to my kids and am happy to sell this to a good trusted friend. To be honest I dont have that much info that needs to be hidden, basically I just want to get rid of log ins for email, google play, and other apps that require log in information. Do you know if this is possible or should i just do a factory reset. I don't think she is tech savy enough to recover deleted data or that she would want to.
    07-23-2014 08:56 PM

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