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    Title pretty much says the basics.
    Details however are as follows.
    SM-T210R, Have had this unit for about a year, always been in a case, never dropped, not a scratch/dent/ding on it and I use it every day.
    Past couple weeks I was getting update notification from Samsung, I'd always put it off till I got home then not bother when I actually got there.
    Finally, a long weekend for me.. I let the update run its course, No problems (500+MB's) And I believe it was upgrade to Kitkat from Jellybean.
    Can't remember the exact version details.
    Soooo, I use my tablet throughout the day everything seems to work great NO problems at all.
    Notice my battery is down to like 20-25% and plug it in (Original wall charger and cable)
    Go to get it the next morning, open the case expecting it to flash and display my lock/swipe screen, Nothing.. Not TOTALLY Black, you can see theres still a glow.
    I tried to reset power. Nope nothing except I can hear the startup tune.
    Tried hard reset, nope same thing.
    Tried every button combo I could think of or contort my hands/feet into.. Nope no joy.
    Hit the internet... read, read, read, read, watch videos, watch more videos..
    Ah-ha take the back off, disco battery, wait, replug and voila.
    Nope.. not the issue
    Different milliamp chargers, nope.
    Normally I'd think I did something to it, but I did nothing that I hadn't done at least 200 times already.
    I'm convinced Samsung F'd my tablet w/their update, not only that but my $1200.00 drone sits idle over my holiday because my vision app resides on my sgt3.
    10-13-2014 12:11 PM

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