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    I got two 8 inch Samsung Galaxy 3 Tabs for my kids for Xmas. Can anyone recommend a good screen protector?

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    12-09-2014 10:35 AM
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    If by "good" you mean child-proof, a steel box with 2" thick walls, welded shut.

    If you mean it in the normal way, after trying just about everything over more than a decade (I used to own cellphone stores, so what you pay $10 for, we paid 69 cents for, so I tried things), I use 3 for $5 plastic screen protectors. With normal handling, one will last a couple of years, so that's about 85 cents per year for scratch protection.

    For breakage protection (kids do tend to drop tabs and drop things on them, a tempered glass screen shield. It's not steel (we'll have to wait for someone to really invent transparent aluminum, I guess), but replacing a broken protector is cheaper than replacing a screen.

    I also recommend a TPU shell (the kind with the silicone liner) to absorb the shock it the tablet is dropped. Even dropped on its face, the shell protrudes just a bit past the screen, so dropping it flat on a flat surface means that the shell takes the shock, not the screen. I don't have a tab, but I've seen shells for large phones this season going for as little as $5. Watch the shopping sites for special deals (some of them one day only).
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    12-11-2014 04:50 PM

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