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    Hi there.

    I tried connecting several types of bar-code scanners to my TAB 3 recently. They all seem to work fine - they all pick up the code, they all insert the code in a text field.

    The problem lies within an programme I am using the scanner for. The programme is a web-site designed for tablet to give grades for scanned barcodes - you scan a barcode and 5 touch-pad active icons (1-5) appear on the screen. You then press on the grade and programme will link the grade to a specific barcode and save the data.

    In around 20-40% of all scans after scanning the bar-code I would get an error message, This message would display what exactly bar-code scanner had picked up from the label - this would be just a fracture of the whole bar-code with many characters missing from the original bar-code.

    I tried several scanners - usb, wireless, bluetooth (around 30 units altogether - Motorola, Datalogic), and they all seem to follow the same path of occasionally not transferring bar-code data to a specific programme successfully, despite always transferring data to any other text with out any issues at all (tried this around 500 times and never got a error message)

    Any thoughts?
    Thank you,
    09-01-2015 04:15 PM

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