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    Hi, umm I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 that I got from sprint a while back that will no longer function properly. It all started when I tried rooting it again the same day I unrooted it. Ill try to explain what happened. So I was playing a game one day perfectly fine with the device rooted and everything and I noticed that the inapp purchares hack wouldnt work so I restored my entire device, wiping it clean.

    When I went to go play the game on my now un rooted device, the inapp purchases still wouldnt work. A few minutes later, I got bored of the non rooted feeling and went to go root my device once more.

    When that happened, my tablet shut off on its own for some reason. I tried turning it on but when i did it was stuck in an endless start up loop. I looked online for solutions and did a hard reset with the whole holding down the power key and volume buttons but that didnt work.

    I went to cut the device on again but I noticed that while it was starting up, the ,moment it got to the sprint part of the start up it got terribly laggy and FROZE at the sprint logo. I left my tablet on charge overnight leaving it the way it was because I thought if I left it there it would eventually come on. But it didnt. Its always like that no matter how many hard resets I do. I looked online for a solution to this specific problem but Ive found nothing.

    I tried connecting it to a computer for 2 hours but nothing happened. It seemed like it was charging though because the battery popped up on the screen with the loading circle in the middle. I dont know what to do . Does anybody have a solution or an opinion on what I should do?
    09-30-2017 01:41 AM

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