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    As I needed/wanted a small tablet to mainly read mail and browse while travelling I got myself a tab2 7.0 but am running into some issues. For starters I find it impossible to type any responses on a userforum as the keyboard keeps blocking the textbox basically making me type blind.Coming from Windows Phone where this is not an issue at all and having used the Surface RT which also does not have this problem having read all the comments from android users in the past I wonder I must be missing something. This experience is just horrible sofar. Last time I used Android was on an HTC Desire and I would think that this device should have a better and more intuitive interface.

    Also I have yet to find a mail client which will properly sync my Hotmail and Outlook folders. The basic client does a shoddy job at best and I do own Maildroid which in my memory used to be great, but it's basically the same clunky interface.

    Now I am not looking for the mine is bigger than yours somments as I do like the formfactor and want this to work, but sofar I have no clue what to do or get. I would appreciate any help I can get on this.

    Also if there's any apps you would suggest me to get to improve my experience that woudl be great. This tablet is not for gaming although the occasional game is fine. I am lokoing for apps that will make the tablet work smoothly with my Microsoft based cloud storage (have skydrive). The OneNote app I got does not seem to work well either. At this point I am getting more done on my Lumia 800 which kind of was not the idea. Mind you I will not trade my Lumia for anything but I was hoping the TAB would get my a better browsing/mail experience at least.

    I obviously can't turn the tab into a windows tablet, that's not what I am after but I do find that I must be missing some things as so far it's a clunky and jerky experience I would like to improve on so please don's give me the Andoid religion speech. Again any serious and constructive comments are more then welcome.

    02-06-2013 11:08 AM

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