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    dear children,
    that this tablet was closed and there stà tough but doing so NO!
    I tried to rootarlo because of gain space on the internal memory .... s useless off just sleep.
    Point before I bought the data cable just to be able to interact with him .... all good until I ran the process rootarlo ...
    1 point I do NOT see the external memory (sd) that I formatted in ext No. "X" but can not recognize it ...
    I downloaded Link2SD but when I ask him to move an application I wrote to the external memory being primary
    is emulated by internal memory then process failed!
    Super SU seems me granted administrator privileges .... maybe it's the only thing that has gone SUCCESSFUL!
    After that I lost even application mtp which closes a data cable inserted forcibly short ....
    in short a cascade of menate one by one I stà facedo puzzled ... and thank goodness that was given to me, so zero spending!
    For if some kind soul would you be kind enough to come to my rescue and try to tell me incontrovertibly if this tablet provides that I can move sd applications?
    Or is too much to ask in this fossil?
    And forwarding you help me to recover the normal configuration of the data cable?
    Excuse me but if the meat of the fire is so great, because I do not consider myself intuitive and versatile .... would be too great if it were easy to understand.
    Waiting for some kind and helpful ad'aiutarmi my soul I wish you good evening
    dodago ;-)
    Excuse me if the translation is not exactly the best of understanding
    09-28-2015 05:05 PM

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