1. GaboCaVi's Avatar
    Ok Galxy Tab owners (that's us) did not receive a Honeycomb update, fine now we don't receive Ice Cream Sandwich, anyone there thinks like me? I am a GSM version owner I would like to recieve a value pack, similar to that one seen on the Galaxy W and sooner on the Galaxy S (I9000). Samsung why don' t you want we consumers taste a little Ice Cream Sanwich? Tell me!
    03-30-2012 10:17 PM
  2. ljnecesito's Avatar
    Im waiting too for that value pack. Im in philippines. When will be the day it would release?

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    06-01-2012 08:42 AM
  3. GaboCaVi's Avatar
    Don't know, probably by january we would have face unlock, what I love and liked the most.

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    08-18-2012 12:52 AM