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    Hi to all,

    Im new here. I desperately need help on my samsung galaxy tablet. Docomo version model sc-01c. I have been using i for a month suddenly while using it, the the screen just freeze. I thought It was just the usual hang thing on my tablet so i turned it off and charged it. It charged but when the batt got full, and was trying to open it, the only I saw was the blinking samsung galaxy word. had it checked with different technicians - one says needs to update the OS but upon checking there was no compatible OS with my tablet. The other technician says, my tab needs jtagging services. And the last technician I spoke to says the emmc/internal memory chip was damaged so the mother board has to be changed. I was not aware that if that is the case my tablet was really in big trouble? Please help me...
    12-18-2012 03:19 AM

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