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    I have a clip-on lens kit for the Android smartphone (macro, wide, and fisheye) and I use them occasionally, but a wide-angle lens for the tablet would be useful for recording video.

    The problem is that the clip for a smartphone only reaches about an inch or so, which might be enough for certain tablets, where the camera lens is located in a corner, but the lens on the Tab A 8, the camera lens is about 2 inches (60mm) from the end!

    I have searched for lenses for tablets, but all you get is the kind with clips to fit a smartphone.

    Has anyone found lenses with longer-reaching clips?
    12-08-2020 11:54 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    I was looking at a picture of one yesterday. I think it was for the Ulanzi 65mm. It was adjustable to allow for different inboard depths of the camera lens...a good idea.
    Otherwise, probably not to difficult to fabricate something suitable.
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    12-08-2020 06:28 PM
  3. Doncankook's Avatar
    The clip arm with the threaded hole would need to be cut and extended, which would be fine for the smaller lenses, such as the macro or wide-angle lens, which weight only a few grams, but something like a 22x telephoto lens or a 70mm wide-angle lens would need a completely different clamp to support the weight of the heavier lens.

    You can search all you like, but you will only find information for the smartphone lens system, which uses the short clip, because the camera lens on tablets like an Ipad are on the corner. I will keep searching some (it's cold and snowing here) so possibly there's an obscure Do-It-Yourself project to deal with this problem.

    For a tablet, you could use a smartphone lens for the front camera, which is not my choice for photography via a tablet PC.

    BTW- I did try a clip-on lens with a notebook PC, and it was able to fit, but there was a dark ring. I wonder if it will fit a webcam, like a Logitec Quickcam, but it would depend on the quickcam having a lens with threads to accept the add-on lens. Adding a wide-angle lens to a webcam would be useful for conferences or group videos.
    12-08-2020 08:48 PM
  4. Doncankook's Avatar
    Sorry, but I re-measured the position of the camera aperture, and it's 30mm from the end, and 60mm from the long-edge. I updated the OP.
    The clip I got fwith the phone lens kit only reaches about 22 or 23mm.
    12-08-2020 09:35 PM
  5. Doncankook's Avatar
    If you need a lens mount with an extended reach, the Apexel lens kits have an extended clip.
    12-26-2020 08:10 PM

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