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    First of all excuse me if this is not the most appropriate section to post this but I could not find a generic Samsung tablets area.

    In short I would like to substitute my old ipad2 which is now almost unusable mainly due to ios8 update.

    I would like to keep my budget relatively low and I selected 3 potential candidates :

    Galaxy tab A 9.7
    Galaxy 4 10.1
    Galaxy Note 2014 10.1

    All of them would be in the WiFi only version.

    I searched the Web a lot but could not find a clear comparison. The price range seems quite similar although the A is more recent.

    Do you have any suggestions on how to narrow the search, or just which one is the best value for money?

    BTW are there any differences between the A and the A with the pen? Could I just buy the pen separately and would be the same?

    Last question: I currently have another android device (htc one m8) and was quite disappointed to discover that due to Android limitations the use of external memory is quite limited given that many apps can not be moved on the SD, which is mainly used for pictures etc. Would it be the same on these devices?

    Thanks for your suggestions!

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    09-29-2015 07:52 PM
  2. mistyisland's Avatar
    I just bought a tab A and it is a good tablet. I also found out that it will be getting Marshmallow sometime in 2016. It does already have Lollypop. I think 4 is still Kitkat and I don't know about the Note. I would think that the A would be a good value because of the latest OS. Sorry, I can't answer the other questions, my knowledge is limited.
    10-17-2015 10:17 PM

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