1. runbei's Avatar
    I have the Galaxy Tab A 9.7 with 32 MB. Wi-fi performance is flawless (with a 54 Mbps connection) unless I have my Logitech bluetooth keyboard connected. Streaming then becomes impossible, with long, frequent buffering.

    I looked for alternate bluetooth or wi-fi options in Settings, but no luck. Is there a known solution for this? Seems weird.
    08-30-2016 02:08 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Bluetooth can theoretically interfere with wi-fi on the 2.4 GHz band, since they both share it. If your router also broadcasts on 5 GHz, try connecting to that SSID. If your router only broadcasts 2.4 GHz, then log into the router settings and try changing the wi-fi channel.
    08-30-2016 05:28 PM
  3. runbei's Avatar
    Thank you! Seems like a straightforward fix. Will try it within the next day or so and report back (and, I hope, mark this as solved). Gratefully, GB
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    08-30-2016 05:46 PM
  4. runbei's Avatar
    Many thanks. This was the solution. My router can only broadcast in the 2.4 GHz range (no 5 GHz), but I set wi-fi in the router to broadcast at 2.53 GHz and that solved it - am now able to use the bluetooth keyboard and wi-fi at the same time without bandwidth problems (streaming works fine in Netflix and Amazon Prime Video).
    B. Diddy likes this.
    09-02-2016 10:12 AM

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