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    Since last night's update my Tab A is having issues with the Settings app. After updating overnight my TabA was pinging notifications all over the place. I went in to turn off notification sounds. When I open Settings and tap Sound then Notification Sounds the app crashes. I get a banner saying
    "android.process.media keeps stopping
    x Close app"

    Over course of today Samsung help via Messenger suggested clearing cache of Google Play Store, then switching off completely and checking apps in Safe Mode plus resetting all App preferences but all to no avail.
    The same problem is happening to my husband so it is clearly not the hardware but something to do with recent update. Any one else having the issue and/or ideas?
    12-01-2018 10:43 AM
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    Depending on your carrier, they may be able to reflash the update for you (just the update, not the ROM). I know AT&T does that at its Device Support Centers.

    If it's a Samsung problem, you're lucky you got only one answer. Ask 5 people there and you'll usually get 15 answers. If they have a Customer department, it doesn't say Service after it.

    About the only other suggestion I can offer is to restart in recovery mode and wipe the cache (again, just the cache, not data). Each app caches its own data, but Android (and Linux, the operating system that Android is running on) has its own cache, and if an updated app is trying to use the cached system data from an older version, it would most likely "stop" (Android-ese for "crash").
    12-01-2018 03:10 PM

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