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    Does anyone have an oscilloscope module or sampler that connects via USB? My HP scope seems to be failing, so I think I would like something a bit more compact and modern.

    A Bluetooth scope should be just as useful, but I will probably use it to scope the car engine, and RF noise might be a problem.

    Frankly, I'm really tired of people showing you videos or tutorials of how to use a headset interface, because we all know well the Tab A doesn't use a headset!

    I even considered building one with an Arduino board, but the Arduino is very limited in voltage inputs, so you just can't connect it to anything, like you can a traditional 'scope.

    Useful ideas will be appreciated as well, but I don't have the ability to assemble kits, until I get my fingers & wrist back to making their magic.

    02-22-2019 10:22 PM

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