1. joyandme's Avatar
    I'd like to know how to print from the tablet and what type of printer you need.

    I have an HP Photosmart C4780 wireless printer and can print from my laptop to the printer, but haven't figured out how to print from the tablet to the printer.

    Does the printer have to be e-print compatible? Can you print wirelessly from tablet to printer directly without going through the cloud?

    I need to decide quickly because my printer is out of ink and I don't want to buy more ink if I'm going to get a different printer. Can someone explain how you print from a tablet? (and cell phone?)
    11-04-2012 05:23 PM
  2. zmann's Avatar
    Their is a hp print app. Install that and you will be golden

    11-04-2012 05:24 PM
  3. zmann's Avatar
    I guess I did not answer fast enough,, one whole min lol

    11-05-2012 06:39 PM
  4. papafrankm's Avatar
    The hp app only prints to e printers.
    You could use cloud print if you have chrome on the network

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    11-05-2012 06:44 PM
  5. gigigia's Avatar
    Well,have the HP app and the HP printer and when I try printing something it says that I need a Samsung printer. But I have the same app and the same printer for my note, which it's Samsung as well and I can print with the note (phone/tablet). Wired, right?
    11-16-2012 10:01 PM
  6. The Architect's Avatar
    PrinterShare works pretty well with a lot of networked pinters.

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    11-18-2012 10:50 AM
  7. RJV3's Avatar
    I use cloud print and / or print share. Just a reminder, the stock option to print only works on samsung printers. You will have to cut and paste what your printing to a new page as a workaround if you are not using any of the above mentioned apps.

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    11-28-2012 12:17 AM
  8. gigigia's Avatar
    Thank you, Architect..I'm going to try printer share again.I actually installed it on my nook originally but I couldn't print with it so then I installed the HP print app since I have an HP printer and it worked. And later on, when I got the note, it worked there as well. It doesn't want to work with my Samsung tablet,I guess I'll try again thePrinter Share .
    12-01-2012 10:19 PM
  9. Dorinda Howden's Avatar
    what is the app for driver to print from an HP printer um with your samsung galaxy note I can't find it on the internet thank you
    03-02-2013 09:43 PM
  10. joyandme's Avatar
    The only app that works on both my HTC Vivid and my Samsung Galaxy 8.9 is Printershare...with an HP Laserjet Pro 200 MFP. Worked like a charm until I did their upgrade and then my premium key wouldn't work..didn't recognize my printer. So they told to me revert to previous version and not update. Works fine again.

    I am wondering about printing from an HTC Vivid via a USB cable directly to a photosmart printer. My son also has an HTC Vivid but does not have a laptop and wants to print to his photosmart printer from phone. Is that possible?
    04-20-2013 12:47 PM

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