1. MikeSp's Avatar
    After test driving the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 -- I am ready to purchase two BUT want more than 16 GB of main memory and am wondering WHEN the 32 GB version will be released -- Best Buy and Samsung reps could not find out. Having gleefully gotten rid of my iPad and uninstalling iTunes and being stuck with a first generation Galaxy Tab 10.1, I AM DESPERATE.

    Anyone in the "know" as to when the 32 GB version will see the light of day?


    02-13-2014 11:27 PM
  2. Rana's Avatar
    If u find out let me know. I just bought the 16gb and didn't even think of the 32gb till I got home Was too excited about it that it didn't even cross my mind
    03-17-2014 11:53 PM
  3. thehatguy's Avatar
    Just stick a 32GB SD card in it and you're set.

    Now you can relax. ;-)

    03-19-2014 08:28 AM
  4. rdvAndroid's Avatar
    Just stick a 32GB SD card in it and you're set.
    Now you can relax. ;-)
    Add this new app and it will get around the inherent Android 4.4.2 microSD card limitations:
    [APP][4.4][ROOT] SDFix: Modify device permissions to allow apps to write to MicroSD - xda-developers

    The app requires root and makes a small alteration to the "/system/etc/permission/platform.xml" file. See:

    <permission name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" >
    ******* <group gid="sdcard_r" />
    ******* <group gid="sdcard_rw" />
    ******* <group gid="media_rw" />********* <-- add in this line, save, and reboot
    *** </permission>

    If you make the change manually you require a reboot before it come into effect.
    03-19-2014 03:05 PM
  5. btbam006's Avatar
    Just called samsung, apparently they have it, its even on there site, they said its backordered and if you call you can order it over the phone and will receive it in 2 to 3 weeks. Probably gonna return my 16gb and do that.
    04-08-2014 03:09 PM

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