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    In my camera settings, photos are set to be stored on the memory card, which is what I want. I can view them in the Camera album/folder and when I hook the tablet to my pc, I can see that album/folder is definitely stored on the card.

    I have recently taken quite a lot of photos and rather than have them all in the Camera album/folder, I have tried to sort them into individual albums by destination or subject. Creating the new albums seems easy enough, and I am given the option to move or copy the photos from the Camera album to the new location. Again that appears to work okay and tidies things up for viewing photos in their individual albums later.

    But it is only when I hook the tablet up to the pc again that I see all the new albums are created on the tablet rather than on the memory card, meaning that moving photos into those new albums removes them from the SD card and stores them on the tablet instead.

    I can't find any option on the tablet that will let me create those new albums for storage on the memory card. The only way I have found of doing it is by transferring the photos to my pc, sorting them into albums there, and then transferring those albums back to the memory card. Am I missing an easier way ?
    07-08-2014 05:36 AM

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