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    I have the Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 tablet running Kit Kat. Now, a few days ago I took a few photos on my camera and inserted the cameras Micro SD card into the tablet to view them. Forgetting to copy the photos to the device, Ive since formatted it and recorded video, filling the card completely and overwritibg the photos.
    My friend, who I took the photos for, asked me if I could send him copies........and thats when I realised Id not copied them to the tablet.
    My question is this. On windows computers, there is the swap/paging file. Ive recovered data before by changing the pagefile to free space and running recovery software. Not very difficult.
    Is this the same with Android? Is there a swap/paging file where traces of the photos, which were viewed from the SD card but not copied to the tablet, can be found? Does the Galaxy/Android, store/write any temporary files to the device when viewing from an SD card, and can these files be recovered....is there any way to recover the images, or is there any trace of the photos/data on the device at all that I can recover? Ive not used the tablet since I was asked for the photos as Im worried I might overwrite them.
    Hopefully someone knows the answer.
    Many thanks in anticipation
    11-25-2014 10:04 AM

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