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    the battery was giving me false readings. i was using it and watching it and it kept going back and forth from 67% to 47% and then back to 67% every few minutes.
    the screen was flickering though, so i shut it down and plugged it in...it showed better than half a battery, so i re-started it and then it said 1% and shut itself back off....and it will not charge.
    i tried starting it holding down the start and +volume and tried to get it to clear cache, it said it was doing it, but then it said 'error'. after a couple attempts to do that i finally had it do a factory reset, which it did...but it still won't charge. when i start it, it's like it was brand new, but it will only stay on a minute and then says 'low battery' and shuts itself off.
    it is still under warranty, should i just contact them or is there anything else i can try first?
    03-12-2015 08:58 AM
  2. vjh425's Avatar
    I would contact t about the warranty. Playing with it on your own could void the warranty.
    03-12-2015 09:00 AM

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