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    Tonight my girlfriend was watching ITV hub (a UK television app) and when she finished watching her program and decided to close. She pressed the home button and then pressed the power button to power off. However the screen split and the power off/reboot pop up window didn't show, she tried to guess where it was on the screen to shut down, but nothing happened.

    There was screen tearing at the top of the notification panel and I could see the normal notifications.

    I grabbed my phone and Googled how to hard reset, which told me to hold the power volume up and home button and the tablet restarted.

    Seems fixed, although my eyes feel the screen looks duller than usual.

    My question is; do you think this is on its way out?

    I purchased this in January 2015.

    Thanks for reading

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    07-13-2016 04:41 PM

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