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    Just to be clear, I am not talking about the keyboard language. I had no problem
    there to download and use English (US).
    I am talking about the 'system language' for all menus etc.
    and I see COLOUR instead of COLOR.

    I bought this tablet for a great price from Canadian guy so when I saw this at first
    I was not surprised as I thought that I would change this very easy. When the tablet
    arrived - I did a complete factory reset. After the boot-up I do not recall that it asked me
    to select a country or anything like that. I am playing with all the menus but I was not able
    to select English (US) for system language. I just thought it had something to do with the
    fact that I got the tablet that was originally from Canada and it had a different version
    of Kernel or a different Build Number.

    I thought that the best way to find out more would be to compare it with a tablet
    from U.S. retailer.

    I took my tablet to Best Buy's Samsung kiosk and the folks working there could not help me either.
    As you can see below, the versions are identical (the only difference is the device name - which I changed).
    (BB tablet on the left - my white tablet on the right)

    However, when I get my tablet to Language selection screen - my selection is quite limited vs. Best Buy version
    (I am thinking - if folks buy this in Canada, I am sure they can choose between Francais (Canada) and
    Francais (France) - if this option is available on US Tablets, right ?

    Right now - on my tablet I can chose:

    [Developer] Accented English (zz_ZZ)

    (If I chose the developer English or regular English - my menus are the same - (in UK English)
    with personalisation and colour.

    The tablet in Best Buy has obviously more selections.

    This is not the end of the world - as long as I have English (USA) downloaded
    for my keyboard - I will be OK with spelling. However, if there is a quick way around
    to set the whole tablet to English (US) I would appreciate any input.

    More importantly - if there are Canadian users here, can you please go to your
    language settings and see what languages are available?
    As I said above - it is
    very possible that I got what used to be a 'developer's tablet' and I cannot select
    any other language that are on my tablet now.

    04-24-2014 03:32 PM
  2. WatchFan1's Avatar
    Problem solved:
    - took it to Best Buy - Samsung kiosk.
    Good folks over there flashed my tablet with their ROM and now I can chose
    the same languages (including English US) !

    Really liking this tab ....now if I can only resolve the issue of the over-sensitive screen
    05-08-2014 09:17 AM

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