1. LBend's Avatar

    I love Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 but I'm experiencing an issue when with headphones plugged in notification and system sounds (like email, update lists, game notifications) still play through tablet's speakers. Music though plays correctly through earphones. Do you if it is designed this way, or is it a bug?
    09-01-2014 04:32 PM
  2. wms3's Avatar
    This happens on my tablet and on my samsung galaxy s3 phone so I can only assume that it is intentional.

    Posted via my Samsung Galaxy iPhone killer
    09-03-2014 11:12 PM
  3. storino03's Avatar
    Yeah, it is intentional so that you don't miss a notification due to having it plugged into a power source that may not be on.
    09-07-2014 08:44 PM

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