1. brokentabpro's Avatar
    Hey everyone. Happy Holidays.

    I have had my Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 for over a year and I love it but a few days ago when I tried to turn it on I couldn't get anything back from it.
    I've tried several different chargers that have all worked in the past. I've tried all of the tricks where you hold the power button/volume/home screen buttons.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? If I want to get it repaired who would I contact about that, or is it just a better idea to buy a new one?

    12-22-2015 01:48 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Have you tried keeping it plugged into a wall outlet for at least 4-6 hours undisturbed, then pressing and holding Power for at least 15-20 seconds?

    If it still doesn't work, then it could be a dead battery, a faulty Power button, or a faulty motherboard. The Tab Pro 8.4 I got for my parents did the same thing, but fortunately it was still under warranty, and they replaced the motherboard, I think. Yours is most likely out of warranty, so a repair might not be worth the cost.
    12-23-2015 12:50 AM

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