1. Fail Safe Now's Avatar
    I just got a Tab T800. I want to install custom recovery, open-source OS (Lineage probably,) all that good stuff. But I have to be rooted to get the ball rolling. I could easily flash a custom recovery if I were rooted, and I could easily root if I installed a custom recovery. But if I don't already have one, I can't do the other. Unless, apparently, if I have a PC. And I don't.

    What do I do without a PC? How can I root this thing? I'll do it any way I can. I've been researching this thing for a few hours, and I'm coming up empty handed. I need help. What do I do?
    05-25-2020 08:25 PM
  2. mustang7757's Avatar
    You can try XDA Forums, but its a very old tablet might not find much information.
    05-25-2020 10:12 PM

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