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    Got my Tab S 10.5 5 days ago. Have charged the tablet twice overnight with the power off and it has taken close to 20 hours to fully charge. I have used the charger that came with the tablet. Is there something wrong with the tablet or am I doing something wrong? PS I have the tablet set on power saver mode not ultra power saving mode. Like I said I charge it with the tablet powered off

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    07-24-2014 07:52 AM
  2. VidJunky's Avatar
    You are charging it with the charger provided via a wall outlet or other USB device? It seem odd that it would take that long to charge... Was the device new, used, or referbed? If it was new or factory referbed your right in the Goldie Locks zone for returning it for replacement, because there is no reason for it to take that long to charge. Also you could take it into a Corp store with tech support and have them test your cable and port. Could just be a poor connection. I've seen cables that still charge and transfer data but the connections are not good.
    07-24-2014 08:00 AM
  3. ppophil's Avatar
    thanks for the response.it's a new tablet bought it from Samsung direct.I'm going to call them I don't think it's a connection problem. Thanks again
    07-25-2014 08:16 AM
  4. dllb's Avatar
    If you get to 98 percent it's basicly done. That extra 2 percent won't help much.
    08-02-2014 06:58 PM

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