1. browetally's Avatar
    I am interested in getting the 10.5 but I'm hung up on the fact that it doesn't come with a pen. Can I use an after-market pen with it? I tested the Note Pro 12.2 but that is really much bigger than I want.
    11-02-2014 06:31 PM
  2. Badipaddress's Avatar
    With the Tab S you do not have the support for the S-Pen, like the Note series, 'cause the tab S does not have a wacom digitizer, so the tablet cannot register how much pressure on the screen you use with the pen.
    That is the only limitation, but if you're not going to draw or write long notes on the tablet you does not need this feature.
    You can use any stylus designed for tablet.

    11-03-2014 05:03 AM

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