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    I have 2 Samsung devices, Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5" and Samsung S3 mini, and they are both experiencing the same issue.

    Background: There is a traditional Chinese IM built in, called cangjie (倉頡). Each Chinese character can be broken down into radicals, which are mapped onto the keyboard. In "quick" mode, I should be able to type in the first and last radical, and the IM would give me a list of all characters starting and ending in those radicals and I just choose the one I want.

    Problem: When using Samsung's built in Cangjie Chinese IM, when I type in my radicals, it doesn't register as me giving it 2 radicals to identify a word. Instead, it thinks I'm giving it the first radical to 2 different words. For example, if I type "人" and "火" in quick mode, I expect "伙, 你, 係, 偽" etc. But instead, I get "伙, 停火, 人類, 人幣" etc.

    At least on my tablet, it works when I first bought it, but stopped working within 1/2 an hour. In between, I downloaded Skype, took a few pictures, and turned off and on my device once.

    Already tried: restarting device, restarting in Safe Mode, resetting language settings.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

    09-06-2015 09:49 PM

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