1. Herman Kantz's Avatar
    Galaxy Tab S 10.5 SM-T800
    I would like to add apps to the Multi Window Tray (or Storage area).
    I have chatted with Samsung CS twice and they don't know how to do that and say that only those that come in the tray can be used - none can be added.
    However, I somehow fumbled around and got Amazon Underground, BSPLayer, Calculator Plus, ezPDF Reader, Nextplus, Olive Tree Bible, MySword Bible and Firefox to be added.
    I just can't seem to replicate it.
    This website
    Mobile Multitasking - Home
    has several that are supposed to be compatible with Multi Window.
    However, I have some of them and they don't seem to be compatible.
    I discovered that when you have an app open and go to "Recent Apps" if the app has a double rectangle just left of the closing X it seems that it will work.
    For instance the Kindle app is on the list but it doesn't have the double rectangles and I can't seem to get it to go into the Multi Window tray (or Storage area).
    Does anyone know how to get apps into the Multi Window tray or Storage Area without rooting.
    I have rooted in the past but don't want to root this tablet.
    It may be that double triangle apps will be found by the OS and they will be put into the Storage Area.
    Like I said I was fumbling around and those just showed up in the Storage Area.
    It may have not been anything I did at all.
    I do know that they are there and can be used in Multi Window.
    H K
    05-16-2016 08:14 PM
  2. Herman Kantz's Avatar
    Well after some more research it appears that there is no way to add apps to the Storage Area or Multi Window Tray.

    Apparently there's a few lines of code in the app that Samsung requires in order for the apps to be Multi Window "compatible" in a non-rooted device.

    The Kindle app was supposed to be "compatible" but it didn't show up in the Multi Window Tray or Storage Area and it did not have the two rectangles (indicating that this app is "compatible" for Multi Window) when viewed in Recent Apps.

    I noticed that in the "Galaxy Apps" there was a "Kindle for Samsung". I had previously looked at it and it was the exact same build as the standard Kindle app so I didn't bother with it.
    However, on a whim I downloaded it and put a few books in it. When I looked at it in the Recent Apps sure enough it had the Multi Window designation and when I went to Multi Window it was there.

    So apparently if the app developer codes the required lines in the app then the OS will see them and automatically load the app into the Multi Window tray.
    Otherwise it seems there's no way to get an app into the Multi Window tray on a non-rooted device.

    I have a Nexus 5X and my wife has my old Nexus 5.
    I had a Nexus 9 for awhile but returned it and got the Tab S 10.5.
    I have been very seriously considering a Pixel C as I prefer the pure Android experience and the timely updates.
    I recently received a 25% off code from Google on a Pixel C and now that true multi-window (Android N) for all apps is just around the corner it's hard to beat back the desire for one.

    H K
    05-18-2016 06:36 PM

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