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    Got my Tab S8.4 when it was first released. This is my first tablet and I had it for over a month before I had occasion to use earphones. As soon as I plugged them in I knew there was a problem. Left channel would only work if I rotated the plug to an exact spot. Any movement, and it would die off. I wanted my 8.4 for an upcoming vacation, so I waited a couple of weeks before contacting Samsung. They have you fill out a service request form and a few days later someone calls you to verify the request. They also stated that the conversation was being recorded and they may need to reset my entire operating system. I asked why they would reset my tablet when it was clearly a hardware problem with the phone jack. I had to agree to continue. Overall, I received pretty good service. I sent it off to N.J. and three weeks later it was sent back. The repair company sent it to the wrong address and it took three more days to get to my house. UPS said they made three attempts to deliver it to a street that does not exist. On the repair order the technician wrote "Earphone jack abuse; replaced jack". [what nonsense.] Sure enough, the tablet had been reset,[?????] but I was happy to have it back. I was also happy that they did not replace it with a refurb, as my screen protector was still in place. Overall, three weeks is not bad compared to other companies I've dealt with. My only problem is now my MSN home page only displays about two inches wide on the screen. All other sites are fine.
    10-17-2014 08:19 AM
  2. Stripedsnake's Avatar
    I just sent mine in for the exact same problem. Waiting to get it back this week. After 3 months, a premium tablet shouldn't have an issue like this though.

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    10-26-2014 04:39 PM
  3. jermar's Avatar
    They are pretty good about following up after the repair. They may offend by saying you abused it, but at least they fix it in a timely manner.
    11-01-2014 06:03 AM

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