1. jnow007's Avatar
    Is it likely that another retailer will offer it for less tomorrow or on Cyber Monday? Is anyone selling the 8.4 Pro for less than Best Buy? I am cheap and want the best deal I can possibly get.....

    Overall do you think it's a good deal? Or are there better deals to be had on Samsung tablets?

    Also, can you guys see a difference between the Tab 4 (cheaper) vs 8.4 Pro? I know the resolution is different but is the difference apparent to the naked eye?

    Is it worth it to get the Tab 4 since it's also on sale for $149 I believe or just go for the 8.4 Pro at 199?
    11-27-2014 05:08 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! I doubt it will go lower than $199, unless it's one of those doorbuster deals that you have to duel someone to the death for. $199 is pretty darn good for a tablet of this caliber, so I'd feel pretty good about that price.

    My wife has a Tab Pro 8.4, and it's quite an impressive tablet. The screen is brilliant--only the Tab S tops this screen in terms of vividness of color. Performance is excellent.

    The Tab 4 is really more of a low-to-midrange device, and is lacking in some features (like MHL support, which allows you to connect a device to a TV's HDMI port). I think the resolution is only 1280x800, and the processor is significantly weaker. If $199 isn't too much of a stretch, I'd definitely recommend you spend the extra $50.
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    11-28-2014 02:14 AM
  3. jnow007's Avatar
    Thank you for the info B.Diddy. Sounds like $199 is a great deal then. Played with the tablet yesterday and really liked it. Personally wasn't able to tell the difference between the pro and the cheaper tab models.
    11-28-2014 06:16 AM
  4. Cuznsteve's Avatar
    well, quality not quantity, I say & figure , is best. Therefore, Forget the PRO.....get the WI~FI Samsung galaxy Tab"S" 8.4 ...........only.......at Samsung, with AMOLED which , is twice rhe LCD of todays fantastic TVs etc....thats so new, its incredible, MAY 2014.....its half the ULTRA HD ~ 4K OLED...(OLED is the future and now, waiting for price reductions.Now, I paid happily $ 400 each for 2 of the Tab"S" 8.4's..First i was going for the Barnes and Noble NOOK, Samsung 4 or so
    ething like this....but, this resolution of TAb "S" 8.4 is incredibly wWORTH EVERY DIME, NICKEL, PENNEY.......so , go smash that piggie bank and run , dont walk, to Samsung.....SM~T700NTSAXAR...TITANIUM BRONZ~VERY VERY COOLCOLOR.(1600~2560~~RESOLUTION OF TAB
    "S" 8.4)(PIXELS)..Get extended warranty + Complete..only $ 119.00 each year... = (3 years) & /adds to the purchse 1 year warranty...3 years = $ 240.00 (so thats 4 years reality....with (only) ONE total Brand New Replacement ~ If Needed)(A~D~H). Phone # 855.726.8721..(Samsung Direct)Add a 128 GB Micro Memory SDXC card, like I did for both I purchased...(& I only get Soc.Sec.Disability....not alot~ like $ 8,000 a year.)Also, theres an excellent , non cracking from bending, with (key word=)= Rotating...Really unique and excellent, many colors...See sphere on backside....multiple angles stands up, virtically + horizontally.
    SAMSUNG does it perfect. Like WOW. For reading, i figured, for Moms 87 years old eyes, and my 59 and half years old eyes, this wins hands down....Look up Samsungs Charging Cradle, so reasonable and beautiful, porcelin. ALL THE BEST, CuznSteve**(P.S. Its ONLY .26 oof inch ~~ that s A Quarter inch is all ~thick~incredible!! ;-)
    11-30-2014 02:37 PM
  5. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! The Tab S 8.4 is definitely an excellent device, but considering that it is about twice the price of the Tab Pro 8.4, it may not be the best value proposition for everyone. The resolution for both is actually the same, and while the Tab S's Super AMOLED screen is definitely more vivid, the Tab Pro's LCD screen is nothing to sneeze at. The Tab S is 0.6 mm thinner than the Tab Pro, so it's not a huge difference. If you have the money for the Tab S, go for it! If you need to be more cost-conscious, the Tab Pro is hardly a step a down.
    12-01-2014 01:15 AM

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