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    About a week ago my tablet all of the sudden started with a quick briefing screen, allowing me to customize a number of topics, instead of a personal picture I had as my wallpaper. I found this annoying so I sought to turn it off. All the online information I found seem to say it was easy, just deselect it. This did not apply as there was no way to turn it off that way. Has anyone else run into this? I was on with Samsung support for over and hour and they basically said to do a factory reset, erasing everything after a backup. I find this a radical step for something that should just be a simple on and off function. Any suggestions or ideas?

    06-03-2018 02:25 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Think about what you installed just before you started getting that briefing screen. That's the app that's doing it. If you didn't install anything, think about what settings you changed just before you started getting that brief screen and change them back. (Keep a record of everything you do, so that after you've gotten rid of it, you can add all the other apps that you deleted, or make the other changes you undid.)

    As for doing a factory reset, I never do that until right after I've made a fresh backup. That deletes all your files, all your installed apps, etc. It's one step before the ultimate extreme step, reflashing the ROM, and both of those are best reserved for massive failures.
    06-03-2018 03:31 PM
  3. pursuant's Avatar
    Thanks for the advice. I did install a new app a few weeks back and removing it was one of the steps I took when this first happened. This problem showed up about a week and and a half after the installation.
    I really dont recall changing much of the settings if at all. I mostly use my tablet for reading and a little web browsing so I dont add many programs to it. I do add epub books from time to time.
    I did add an Acuwether app recently, now that I think of it, but only had it for a day or so as it wasnt very accurate . These changes would have occurred around that time. I uninstalled it but could it have altered something that made this happen? The other thing that is odd is my customized window. As you know there 5 windows desktops, with a variety of apps on them. I customize the first one so most of the apps that I use are there. It seems to be gone or at least missing. Last night it was there and I started thinking well maybe I can put up with the annoyance of this briefing screen. This morning its missing again. The only other thing that I changed recently was a personal photo I use for wallpaper. This also occurred around the same time this problem came up. I am not sure how they could be related though.
    Again thanks for the help
    06-04-2018 10:47 AM

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