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    I bought a bunch of the inexpensive cases on Amazon -- specifically:

    HOTCOOL Ultra Slim Lightweight SmartCover Stand Case
    Infiland Ultra Slim Tri-Fold Smart Shell Case Cover
    Fintie Ultra Slim Lightweight Stand Cover
    KuGi High quality ultra-thin Smart Cover Case

    These are all essentially identical, differing only very slightly in the color and the actual material used for the interiors -- none of which would make a noticeable difference in their operation. The plastic outer shells all appear to be 100% identical, with magnets built into the lower half and some metallic and/or magnetic material built into the cover. The KuGi adds a metal tab on the edge of the cover which is completely unnecessary, and perhaps undesirable as it might damage the screen of the tablet. Otherwise, they all fit well and securely. So, make your choice based upon the color of the interior material or price, whichever you prefer.

    I also bought the Fintie Smart Book Cover Case, which has an extra flap similar to the one on the official Samsung Book Cover Case, though it's kind of backward, being on the end of the cover, and folding around to the back of the case, rather than the reverse of that for the Samsung Case. I also bought the Platinum Folio Case from Best Buy.

    Frankly, the official Samsung Book Cover Case would be my easy choice, except for one thing -- the magnets are just too weak to hold the tablet in position securely when you fold it into a stand. Actually, I first bought the S2 8.0, and the Samsung case was just fine -- the magnets held more than securely. But, after tapping a few things on the S2 9.7, the stand started sliding and falling apart -- bummer.

    The Platinum Folio Case was OK, but irritating in a couple ways. I definitely liked the secure hold of the design where the cover folds back behind the tablet, but that left the power and volume buttons "on the ground" -- on the bottom of the tablet as you have it on your table or wherever. And, it had holes for those same controls that weren't open nearly enough -- it was simply difficult to turn the tablet on or off.

    So, what's left? That Fintie Smart Book Cover Case. It has kind of an "extra" panel on the back of the tablet, which you fold out and then fold the "extra flap" around it, which results in a very secure stand. There are a few downsides, though -- mostly given how it's got the extra flap, and the extra panel behind the tablet. More extra panels equals a thicker, heavier case, simple as that. Also, like all of the "Amazon" cases I listed above, none of these have depressions for the home button, so if you carry your tablet around with it turned "on," you'll be very likely to turn the screen on as you wander around. Personally, I don't tend to have my tablet "on" while I've got the cover closed, so it's not a big deal at all for me, but it might be an issue for you.

    So, the Fintie Smart Book Cover Case wins, so far. Still, what I'm really hoping for is a version of Belkin's "Slim Style Cover" for the S2 9.7 -- they've had ones for other tablets that I have preferred above all others, but they haven't come out with one for the S2 tablets yet. While the typical stand position leaves the power and volume buttons on the bottom, it just has better build quality and a better design than anything else I've used. Perhaps I'll go see if I can send an e-mail to Belkin and urge them to get busy on versions for the S2.

    At any rate, I hope this helps!

    10-13-2015 08:30 PM
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    Nice Review, where are the pictures?
    10-15-2015 09:03 AM

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