1. HelenKrijt's Avatar
    Its currently at 86% thanks
    11-28-2015 10:17 AM
  2. anon8380037's Avatar
    No. You're fine. Try to keep it above 10 - 15% and fully charge rather than top up by 20% or so, though there will be times you will need to, and even going to zero and shutting down is not going to harm it occasionally (it will keep a little in the battery even then).

    Best thing if you can is to regularly top it up to 95 - 100 % from around the 50% empty mark. This counts as half a cycle and there is less 'stress on the battery at that mark, for want of a better word.

    Try the highly recommended GSam battery app for more detail.
    Also the device allows a slower rate of charge when the device is low, or from 95 - 100 % so expect it to charge faster in the mid range where the battery also stays cooler, hence 50 - 100 is good.

    If it's a used device, it's a different kettle of fish, but try try doing a full discharge from 100 to around 5 - 15% a few times to recalibrate it, then try to stick to 50 - 100%.
    There are oodles of varying opinions, mine is an uneducated mish mash of what I read, but my mommy says I'm always right.

    Try this guide by Rukbat as well.

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    11-28-2015 11:57 AM

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