1. mcrvamp08's Avatar
    Lately I have been having issues with my SamSung Galaxy Tab S2 battery draining and charging.

    When I first got the tablet (back in January of this year) it worked great, charged with no problems etc). I use it everyday, and at night I play a few games and watch videos on it at night, often leaving it plugged in at night (if the battery is around 20 - 40%). Starting over the last month or two it would drain if the charger is on or not, only way I could charge it and it actually charge is if I turn on the tablet,. There's the next thing, when I first received it it would take maybe 2 - 4 hours to fully charge from at least 15% of battery life (I try to not let it get that low, usually start charging it around 20%). Lately I will leave it to charge and check it at night before I go to bed (usually about 6 - 8 hours), occasionally checking it throughout the day. Now I can even charge it overnight and it maybe around 76% - 84%ish charged. Usually takes most of the day (i'd estimate a total of maybe 12 ours to FULLY charge it. Obviously that's not normal. When I take it off the charger after it's fully charged I can play maybe 2 - 3 hours on it (and the battery drains fast).

    Over the period I've had the tablet I have had to factory restore it multiple times, create multiple accounts (due to other people somehow accessing my accounts).. etc.

    Any tips? I was talking to a friend about it to send it back (got it through Amazon) and get a replacement. That would be a last resort.
    05-21-2016 11:38 PM
  2. addverma's Avatar
    What is the charger capacity that you are using is it 5V/2.1Amps or 5V/2.4 Amps or 5V/1.2 Amps or 5V/1Amps or some other? Is it the stock Samsung Charger which comes with Tab S2? Or are you using a charger from some other device to charge the tablet S2?

    What I have seen with other brands of tablets, for very quick battery drain the following are the most common causes
    1) Either there is one application which is the cause of the problem. For example Facebook or one of the Radio apps drain the battery a lot. I have uninstalled Facebook app, including Facebook messenger application, from all of my android devices. Use their mobile site alternatives.
    2) The screen brightness is set to high. If one looks at battery usage, it is the screen which is the biggest culprit.
    3) The battery might be faulty.
    4) There is a problem with Hardware or the SoC being used.

    Have a nice day
    05-22-2016 03:21 AM
  3. mcrvamp08's Avatar
    Sorry for taking a few days to reply, I thought I had found a "work-around" to fix the issue but it started draining my battery again even when plugged into the charger (it was actually charging like it should for a few days but then right back to only charging when the tablet was off and taking FOREVER to charge. Below i've added what I could make out on my charger.

    Input = 100 - 240v 50-60Hz 0.35A
    Output = 5.0v 2.0A

    The charger I am using is the one that came with my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablet.
    05-27-2016 05:13 AM

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