1. zoenphlux's Avatar
    I prefer android for phones hands down. However, I've never been happy with an android tablet. I've owned a lot too with the highest end being a galaxy tab pro 12.2 lte for Verizon. That one had bugs with apps crashing all the Time and I ended up really not liking the 16:9 screen. I want a 3:2 or 4;3 screen.

    I really want a light weight, smooth, reliable tablet. User experience is key for me, especially after so many crap android tablets. I've supported them over and over and they always leave me regretting I didn't just get an iPad.

    The S2 9.7 is the best option for android right now. For my use it seems to be the best choice. However, I always get burned on android tablets and tell myself I'm getting an iPad next. Now that I'm looking I need to know if this tablet might be different. iPad has more tablet apps and apple seems to support tablets better. Samsung drops support quick due to too many products. I really don't like iOS but I'm sick of bad tablet experiences. Help!!
    07-10-2016 08:37 AM
  2. You orit's Avatar
    All I can add is ipadair2 is a fine device. In every way. I've been ios for years. Laptop, tablets etc... My first Android device is this S2 8.0 . So a 9.7 comparison is beyond my know but ever since I purchased S2 8.0 nook some 4 months ago I have my apples powered down and put away.
    I do not seem interested to use them . I will again but it's 4 months now. Ios isgreat. It's super reliable and smart but it's boaring. Apps there are very cool but I was waiting to long to try android.
    Just a general feeling is that android is great and I find enough apps to keep me busy.
    You'll never discover all the apps out there anyway.
    This S2 is lightning quick and positive imo.
    The first poster above is very correct. Apple caters to its devices and consumers. So far Samsung has made an update seem like another invention of some kind. They are making themselves seem like a major Mickey mouse operation with this update.
    It's a joke. NYC has no update but Nova Scotia does?.. uh the Samsung building is here in NY not Halifax...are we more important ? No but do ya think there might be a few more S2 operating here?
    OK whatever I went on a different subject here so forgive that
    Network providers move at their own pace but wifi only units should be swept with the update everywhere by now.
    On second thought get an apple.
    I was a bit bored with ios so a galaxy was just the thing. No. Ios is a steady , solid platform. If you can own both you'll be very happy in back and forth usage. This update tells the story imo.

    9 11 01 Never Forget.
    07-10-2016 04:55 PM
  3. Tape Duct's Avatar
    I used the Apple for a week and returned it for the S2
    07-19-2016 11:37 AM
  4. BullwinkleMoose's Avatar
    I never used Apple, only Windows and Android. How hard is it to learn to use an IPad? I'm not thrilled with Android because I never know how to find files, delete files, find pictures, delete pictures, things I can do on Windows. Is IPad better for that, or worse, or the same?
    07-20-2016 12:31 AM
  5. Tape Duct's Avatar
    It's almost the same as Apple, you hear people talk negative about Mac and it's because they have never used anything but Windows and they get frustrated and go back to windows. Since you have used Android, Apple is similar so it won't be as frustrating. If you started out Windows then tried Android, it was alien at first but when you continue to use it; it becomes easier.
    07-20-2016 03:46 AM

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