1. Jcrew1's Avatar
    Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Tab S3 on September 1, rumor says - GSMArena.com news

    What would it take for you to upgrade to the
    newer model? I can't think of a single reason, but maybe you can😃
    07-19-2016 04:49 PM
  2. dpham00's Avatar
    I have the tab pro, and don't plan on upgrading unless it is wide screen which it isn't
    07-19-2016 04:53 PM
  3. You orit's Avatar
    I own S2 several months . I enjoy android very much being I still smell very much like apples.In other words My first Android device.
    I would certainly buy an S3 but I would sell off this S2. Unlike the 3 apple tablets I still have. Actually the iPad 3 I bought on launch day, spring 2008. Runs perfectly. Takes a Charge and holds it . IPad air2 is a fine tablet in every way.
    S3 ? How could it be faster than S2? This is one quick tablet.
    If only this pending update was so.

    9 11 01 Never Forget.
    07-19-2016 08:10 PM
  4. Tape Duct's Avatar
    I'm sticking with the S2, I don't get new devices every year or three, my last MacBook, I kept it for 8yrs. I just bought this new MacBook Pro in June of this year. I kept the old white MacBook a couple years after support stopped and all the Apps were outdated,( BB gave me 128$ for it) getting online messages to update the outdated Safari etc. I'll keep this MacBook until support quits, I maxed the ram to 16gigs and installed a new SSD so it's gtg for hopefully another 8 to 10, by then I'll be OLD-OLD and just stick to tablets.
    07-20-2016 04:11 AM

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