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    Im assuming the battery is dead on this but before i go buy a new battery i just wanted to get some confirmation if anyone has experienced this before.

    • tablet asked to restart. i assume after an update, not sure as my parents were using it and they are bad at english so i have no idea what happened. Tablet blacks out after hitting restart is what my parents told me

    • connected the charger and nothing, no power button works, no pwr+vol works, etc nothing works to force restart or get into recovery works

    • so I pryed the back open, disconnected the battery. Let it be for a couple minutes

    • plugged in the tablet and tested to see if it will boot without battery connected. It shows the power icon and does an endless "boot" of that icon but doesnt boot anywhere near the OS

    • connected back the battery and it shows the power icon with 91% but doesnt charge past that (if it is charging??) even if i leave it for an hour

    So my question is, im assuming the tablet needs a good battery to boot into the OS? even if the battery registers 91% and has power but doesnt charge, that means its a bad battery and the tab wont boot? Are my assumptions legit?

    09-04-2017 09:49 PM
  2. b-16707's Avatar
    update, looks like the battery is taking a charge! still wont boot into OS though no matter what button combo or length of hold i use...

    If unplugged from the charger, nothing woks and it always has no screen/black
    09-04-2017 09:50 PM

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