1. RXCreeper13's Avatar
    Hey, I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and it has been dropped. The screen started to go black and the digitiser (touchscreen) doesn't work so i cannot interact with the tablet. All other buttons work including the task view button and the back button. I have a pc, is there any way i can enable debugging and bypass the 'Allow access to device data' dialog? (I am trying to access the device so I can control it in Vysor)
    05-23-2018 04:24 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Unfortunately, nope. A service station might be able to access it and mirror the screen and allow input, but that's about it. If the Tablet was ever connected to a PC via SideSync, that would still 'kick in' automatically and you could see the screen on the computer and interact with it. If not, you can install it but unfortunately the permission to access for the first time still would need to be acknowledged on the screen. If you've ever connected a BT mouse/keyboard to the tablet you can use that for input and mirror the screen onto a TV (just can't remember if the S2 supports MHL or not). The ideal set up would be with a hub with HDMI out put and USB input to connect a mouse/keyboard, but not sure if the S2 supports that kind of hub.
    05-23-2018 04:54 PM

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