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    Just downloaded the Prime Video app for my new S3 and the app store said "watch the Grand Tour in HDR". So I fired up the show, and the app just says "1080p." There is no HDR indicator, like on my TV's app. Is HDR actually working? Kinda sucks that we don't get the 1440p feed.

    Ultimately, I want to use this to watch on airplanes -- hope HDR works with the downloaded version.

    HDR support is official, from the Amazon FAQ:

    "At this time, HDR video is available on the following Amazon Video devices, for selected models from 2015 or later: Samsung SUHD TVs, and Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy 8, 8+, Galaxy Tab S3 mobile devices"
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    06-12-2017 02:43 PM
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    Ok so this the way to find out. Go for Man in the High Castle or similar HDR titles. Make sure you set everything to best download and stream should show as 1.82 GB. Ok now open such a HDR video(some bug doesn't let her tag show in some titles which are HDR though I previously saw them must be update issue) now when it plays just increase the volume. Also make sure to set cinema mode in displayed settings of tab S3 . Now when you increase the volume you will see that it's not blue but green. Make sure to increase volume by button screen shouldn't show controls only video. In any case I found hdr to be pretty obviously striking and weirdly GREEN so I put Jean calude van Johnson and no the man in high castle HDR is natural green made by show cinematographer and the Jean Claude has its own rest assured both look natural but man in high has the Samsung pop. And hey the cinema mode does nothing for Amazon HDR I checked and I got 20/20 vision. Netflix though helps a lot cinema mode. But that won't turn green for hdr when you voulme for say Marco Polo or the awesome freakin rad THE PUNISHER! But my 20/20 says it's HDR just not that impressive as Amazon as they are partners. HDR10+ i hope tab S3 gets it as this is a metadata meaning software solution but won't be until 2019 hopefully 2020 makes it all good including 1440p like YouTube does. But yt doesn't support HDR for tab S3 yet see this is evolving tech ppl don't give a crap for updates but Netflix was due I guess but that too was in Oct nearly 7 months after the tab S3 release!

    Hope this answers all

    I'm a white hat techie so kizznyc to contact
    12-22-2017 08:40 PM
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    yes HDR does work on download videos. the files are in HEVC so a 2gb for an hour is quite big! you can try man in high castle
    12-26-2017 06:31 AM

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