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    Just got this Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, with 7.0, and by default, it uses the Samsung keyboard, which seems to work fine, but I prefer to use Gboard, mainly because I like the different themes. But regardless, my wife is using Gboard on her new Samsung S7 phone, with no issues.

    So I noticed this when trying to make a Facebook post....after typing the first word, and hitting the space bar, the first word goes away. Tried several times, same thing. Then tried typing a period, word disappears. Could not get it to type anything after a completed word, without the word disappearing. Thought maybe it was something weird with Facebook, but don't have this issue with the Samsung keyboard. So I uninstalled Gboard, restarted, and reinstalled it. Tried a test email, in gmail, and no problems. Went back to facebook, tried a post again, got past the first word, and the second word, and then it freaked out again. What was weird is, the predictive text thing(I guess), had the first three words I was trying to type, so I tried completing my sentence by tapping the words. That started to work, then it started up again....I'd tap the "next word", and the previous word would disappear. It's just all over the place. I can switch back to the Samsung keyboard, still in Facebook, and have no issue.

    I want to use the Gboard, and should be able to. Any suggestions, or should I send the tablet back?

    Thanks in advance!
    06-18-2017 02:06 AM

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