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    I am experiencing a strange behavior on "Samsung Galaxy Tab S3". "Device Maintenance" is a system app on this device.

    I need to establish wired connection from the tab to projector. Since MHL is not supported on the tab, I am trying to use DisplayLink adapters with "DisplayLink Presenter" app. DisplayLink works as 'Plug and Display' like MHL. DisplayLink service runs as background process, captures screens and streams over USB bus.

    I have several Android tabs/phones (including Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, Lenovo Tab3 etc.) - my setup works perfectly on all but "Samsung Galaxy Tab S3" tabs(I have multiple units).

    If I change USB mode from notification bar, the USB mode is falling back to charging automatically. Normally I see system message to allow screen capture and streaming confirmation dialog as soon as DisplayLink adapter is connected on OTG.

    I suspect "Device Maintenance" is killing "DisplayLink Presenter" service. I have disabled power save mode in "Device Maintenance". But I cannot make my setup working from "Samsung Galaxy Tab S3". Any help in resolving this issue is much appreciated.

    DisplayLink Presenter: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...link.presenter

    06-15-2018 03:52 AM

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