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    Hello all, I am interested in knowing more about the Galaxy Tab S3 Power Adaptive Fast Charging Dual Voltage wall charger.

    My Samsung Travel Charger (Adaptive Fast Charger) model EP-TAJWE (also known as EP-TA315CWEGUS) Output voltage is 9.0 Volts at 1.67 amps, and 5v at 2.0 Amps.
    With USB to USB-C cable. This model indicates it can charge the S3, 1.5X more power than the standard charger.

    I realize that the Galaxy TAB S3 can also use a Single Voltage Standard 5.0v 2.0amp charger, but the charging time will be much longer.

    Does anyone know if the Tab S3 indicates what charger is being used?

    I have never seen a dual voltage charger like this in the past and I am curious.

    By the way the Adaptive fast Charger looks physically just like a typical Samsung Single 5.0 Volt wall charger.
    12-14-2018 10:16 AM
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    I have the Tab S3, but I don't use that charger. I have Anker charge "pods" with a USB-C port on them in any stationary location I might charge. The tablet DOES indicate the charge rate. I actually have two different Anker pods - one is an older one that has a lower charge rate on USB-C (but still better than using the stock Tab S3 cable on the USB-A port I think) and one that's newer and has up to 30W output on USB-C. The older one prompts the tablet to report slow charging, even on USB-C while the new one reports rapid charging.

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    12-14-2018 12:05 PM

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