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    Hello guys,
    I am planning on buying the Galaxy Tab S4, 256 GB wifi only.

    However I only use with my iPAD adapters that make the ethernet mode available. In the iPAD I can then put the device in airplane mode or simply disable wi-fi completely.

    I was told first the Tab S4 would require these two adapters to work with ethernet mode:

    #1 Ableconn - USB to Ethernet - USB2E100B (available in Amazon)
    #2 AmazonBasics USB Type-C to USB 3.1 Gen1 Female Adapter

    Probably something to do with #1 's chipset.

    However no one explained to me the following:

    1) If I buy any USB-C to ethernet gigabit adapter (to get gigabit speeds) will they work with the Tab S4?

    2) Does it need to be powered or will it work simply after I plug it to the Tab S4 USB-C port? In the iPAD the gigabit adapter needs me to connect to a USB 3.0 camera adapter from Apple, and in this same USB 3 adapter I need to plug a 2nd cable to power the thing. There's another combo (2 adapters) for the iPAD, but it's not gigabit.

    When it's not gigabit the max speeds inside your own network is 12 MB/s. Very slow.

    When it's gigabit (will require at least CAT 5-E ethernet cable + a wi-fi router) it can reach 100, 120 MB/s. Very fast. I use for streaming (PC to iPAD) or sending files, such as Blu-rays and 4K content.

    This is an example of USB-C to ethernet (gigabit) adapter:

    Anker USB-C Unibody Aluminum Portable 1-Gigabit Ethernet Port Network Adapter, 10/100 / 1000 Mbps Compatible, for MacBook Pro 2016, XPS, ChromeBook Pixel and More

    Google for it and you'll find the Amazon page.

    The question is... will this thing work (and in gigabit speeds) with the Tab S4?

    If it works may I disable wi-fi/put in airplane mode and will continue working?

    I realize I also need to ask this kind of question to the company that makes these adapters... but they haven't replied yet and it's likely they don't know the answer.

    The reason I want ethernet is due to EMF pollution, RF radiation.
    10-30-2018 11:47 PM
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    Contact the manufacturer and ask. Only someone here who has one could answer your questions.

    At a wild guess - no, it won't work. But I could very well be wrong. If you get it in writing from the manufacturer and it doesn't work, they have to take it back. And if you can get one for Android from Anker - they're pretty good. I'd even email them first and ask if they have one for Android, or if that one would work.

    As for RF radiation, if you ever get the chance, look at your phone on a spectrum analyzer with just a loop on the analyzer input. You'd have to put the phone into a Faraday cage to cut out all the radiation it already produces - a little bit of wifi? Nothing would ever notice it but a wifi-enabled device. It's like not dropping your cup, with a few drops of liquid clinging to the inside, into the ocean to keep from adding water to the ocean. Phones produce so much pollution it's amazing that you can have 2 of them operating within 5 feet of each other (except for the way they chip the spectrum up - that's the only reason a tower can handle so many calls simultaneously).
    10-31-2018 04:26 PM
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    There is a thread where a user confirmed 2 adapters will work with the Galaxy Tab S3:

    Here's what he had to say:

    "I was able to get this working on my Samsung Tab S3 tablet.

    First of all, I used a USB to Ethernet adapter based on the ASIX-AX88772B chip -- the particular brand is Ableconn. This chip set was one of the few automatically supported by my previous tablet without needing to install additional drivers -- which also seems to be the case with the S3.

    But the adapter has a USB-A connector, so I then obtained a "USB-C male" to "USB-A female" adapter from Am@zonB@sics. When I plugged this all in, I immediately got a notification about configuring Ethernet, noticed that the Ethernet settings under Advanced Connections was no longer grayed out, and was able to turn off my WiFi connection. Somewhat to my surprise, the hard wired Ethernet connectivity was working -- though some articles had indicated this did not work on the S3.

    One limitation is that because there is only one USB port on the S3, it may not be possible to both charge the tablet and have the Ethernet adapter connected and working at the same time, even with a USB splitter."

    I wrote a text explaining why I can't order this tablet and adapters myself (to conduct these tests) but the text was censored because it was marked as spam. I also prefer a gigabit adapter instead, for the aforementioned reasons. If this is going to work no one knows.

    I contacted Anker but so far received no response.

    As for RF radiation I measured a few devices and got interesting results... I wanted to cut this pollution instead of receive it 24/7. The ethernet cable is long enough and easy enough to connect into my iPAD... and I only use this tablet in my bedroom. I never used in the living room or anywhere else of my house, since I rarely spend any time in such areas.

    This setup is working well for me. There are a few times I use wi-fi, though, when I am too lazy to connect the adapter. The difference is that now it's not ON 24/7.
    10-31-2018 05:37 PM
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    Update: Samsung has just confirmed a gigabit ethernet adapter would work with the Tab S4. And Anker did the same.

    Here's what Samsung said to me:

    I'm Praveen from Samsung Technical Support.

    This is in response to your email about the Ethernet compatibility for Tab S4.

    We can use Ethernet only instead of a Wi-Fi on the Tablet for internet and it supports Gigabit speed. As there are no Ethernet adapters available from Samsung, you can use any regular Type C to Ethernet cable for the Tablet. Regarding the speeds, they always vary on you network strength and the adapter you use with the Tablet.


    And Anker:

    Thanks for your interest.

    Please know you could use the following link to the ethernet adapter to help your Galaxy Tab S4 get access to the Internet:

    "Anker USB-C Unibody Aluminum Portable 1-Gigabit Ethernet Port Network Adapter, 10/100 / 1000 Mbps Compatible, for MacBook Pro 2016, XPS, ChromeBook Pixel and More"

    Model number: AK-848061072747

    Hope this helps


    Let's see if that is the case with the new iPAD Pro 11 (October 2018), and if this really works with the S4.
    11-01-2018 12:06 PM

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